Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Leave Nothing Die !!!

I finally got my hooks on one of these! Since finding out about this great split between Sink and Hellnation (Sound Pollution, 1997), I have made it a little side mission to find one for cheap. So here it is. I believe this is the only other release Sink did other than their great 7". These four Japanese ladies have been brutalizing me for about eleven years, always finding some way back onto my turntable. This time they crush and grind us with three more raw, dark crust stampedes. Vocally, the band is more varied, throwing in some painful screams and yelps rather than the crusty barking prevalent on their other outing. No disappointments here! All three tracks kill-- especially "Life."

What needs to be said about Hellnation? If you're into grind or any fast hardcore, you probably have a ton of stuff by these Kentuckians. The split 7" format is the best way to enjoy this extremity of noise, primarily because the piercing vocals can be overbearing in too large a quantity. The band offers no fillers here. Nothing but the best Hellnationization! (they even flatter their split-mates with a cover of "Leave Nothing Die").


7inchcrust said...

powerful female vocals in Sink and the familiar Hellnation paranoia, both bands rule here, thanks :)

Anonymous said...

The Sink stuff is incredible while i think you're right, that was about the perfect amount of Hellnation. thanx man