Sunday, October 18, 2009

Crawling On My Hands and Knees

This Sunday morning quickie sends us back to Seattle for another dram of twisted noise. I first was interested in Walls because of Jensen's (Iron Lung) involvement. The band's actual product has a little more to do with Kortland's old band, Gob, than any I.L. style grind. But what you really get is some pretty unique and messed up sounding dark and heavy rock. One track appeared on the Walls LP, but the other ("Hands & Knees") I believe to be an exclusive. Said LP and the awesome one-sided 12" are still available from Painkiller and Iron Lung Records respectively.

Walls "The Crawl" 7" (Iron Lung Records, from the first pressing of 400)

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bunnypuncher said...

This band and 7" rule. Always nice to have mp3s of my vinyl!