Monday, October 12, 2009

Spectra Sonic Sound

This is the 3rd time Okara's track "Corona" has been posted on this site. This Song Of The Week was promted by a visit from Shawn of Spectra Sonic Sound Records who announced that he's got about 100 copies left of Okara's "Months Like Years" LP that he'd like to unload. There was a great response when I posted it a while back, so now's perhaps your last chance to own an original! Get a copy or three here or here.

So obviously "Corona" is my favorite Okara track. There's something about those tightly-wound opening measures with their frantic drumming and slightly off-time guitar riff, and the way they lead into the musical equivalent of ecstatic euphoria that sits well with me. The tracks throughout the LP are coated in a veneer of austerity, but a careful listen reveals a complex life under the surface of the songs that's pretty phenomenal for a three-piece.


Okara folks had some involvement in the bands Shotmaker, Three Penny Opera, 30 Second Motion Picture...