Tuesday, October 6, 2009

It Must Have Been That Pastie

I was going to post the Charred Remains/Pink Turds In Space split, but I realized what a travesty it would be if someone out there didn't have decent rips of Pink Turds' discography. So here you go: 38 tracks of (at their best) obnoxious (vocals), thrashy (guitars), and hilarious (lyrics) Irish hardcore from 1986 to around 1992. The last two tracks are a demo and a 5 song live set, so this is one massive nugget. Hopefully the links work... I don't have time to test them since I'm off to commune with Redwoods out in Big Sur. Any technical issues will be dealt with this weekend.

Okay, bye.

The Complete PTIS Part 1

The Complete PTIS Part 2

I think this was re-issued recently, but couldn't find the site. If it was, I'll remove the link ASAP!


mike said...

Wow, 0 comments on this one... I only hope it's because everyone coming to this site already had this. Love this band - my Pink Turds/Sedition split is among my favorite slabs of vinyl, even if it is the Flat Earth reissue...

Batguano said...

I assume you're right... most hardcore nuts have this stuff. I've had that same pressing of the split for years and give it a similar shrine-like status. Our collections must be startlingly identical.