Monday, October 26, 2009


As we near the hour when the goblins and phantoms come out to play, I felt it was time to revisit a witchy "punk" band I fear many of you overlooked when I posted their discography long ago. Witchknot was one of the more unique bands I've ever heard, and seemed even more curious when held alongside their label mates (Flat Earth Records). Subversive, rhythmic, funny, smart, catchy, quirky... this band was so many things, and yet every time you listen to them, you'll find other facets that will only make them more beautifully perplexing. The Song of The Week is called "Zap!", and it employs heavy-handed witch imagery, which I believe is sarcastic to a certain extent. It also showcases the signature wacky guitar picking, violin frenzies, and ecstatic and snotty vocal stylings that made me love this band instantly (and, yes, not a little cowbell thrown in too). Witchknot won't be for everyone, but I think they should be. Mount your broomsticks and...


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