Sunday, March 16, 2008

More 7" Comps That Don't Suck Vol.3: "Deadly Encounters"

As you can probably tell, I was really into the whole '90's west coast powerviolence/fastcore situation. Here's another little artifact with a bunch of favorites on it: The "Deadly Encounters Hardcore Compilation" (Agitate/Kill Music Records, 1997?). Half the bands on this one are from somewhere east of here (3 of whom are very well known!), but otherwise you'll notice the usual cast of LA and Bay Area superstars. As with many comps like this one, the cover is photocopied, the sound quality is checkered, and the songs are hit and miss. There were many detrimental skips on this ep, which I had to "repair" manually or with editing software; I hope it's not too noticeable.

Track List:
1. "Blinded" by Psycho
2. "Newest HC Song # 4" by Anal Cunt
3. "Newest HC Song #3" by Anal Cunt
4. "Drinkers of Mung" by Crom
5. "Redenbacher's Orgy of Pain, Fear and Pestilence" by Spazz
6. "Sarin" (Live) by Capitalist Casualties
7. "Boiling Point" (SSD) by Drop Dead
8. "Pressure" (Negative Approach) by Lack of Interest
9. "Viet Vet" by Violently Ill
10. "Better Never Than Late" by Charles Bronson
11. "Who Needs a Kleenex?" by Laceration
12. "Dig Up Your Dead" by Bad Acid Trip



Anonymous said...

This is so great!!

Thanks a lot!

Do you have that "accidental double homicide" compilation series that Satan's Pimp put out in the 90's?



Batguano said...

Hey, Matt. Sorry to say, but I don't have any of those comps. Based on the title and label, I'm kinda wishing I did have 'em!