Monday, March 17, 2008

Spine Wrench eps

After the dissolution of Deviated Instinct (who reformed and played shows recently!), Mid and Charlie started Spine Wrench. Charlie left after their first release, and was replaced by a drum machine. These two eps, "Soulscape" and "Heeldrag" (Desperate Attempt and After the Bomb Records, 1994 respectively) represent the latest period of this band's life span. The drum machine and noise used on these tracks warrant the "industrial" label to a certain extent, but the backbone of Spine Wrench's music is sludgy, groovy, hard-driving metal. There is a chilliness to their sound, not only from the drum machine, but from the pained screams and yells coming from Mid's mic, which seem to have some effects or distortion applied to them. I'm usually picky about these kinds of bands, but SW wrote some catchy and powerful tunes and I've come to appreciate their work quite a bit. In addition to these eps, Spine Wrench released a split CD, 2 other eps, and a split ep with Def. Master. Members are now in Bait and, well, back in Deviated Instinct.

All Spine Wrench releases are posted here.


7inchcrust said...

At last someone posted something from the later works of Mid. cool!to be honest never heard Spine before,industrial never was my cup of tea and these two shits here sound neither great nor bad to me but i can easily listen them. thanks anyway!

Batguano said...

Honesty is always good! I'm not into industrial either, but I don't think Spine Wrench really fit that label exactly in the first place. The more I'm able to ignore the drum machine though, the more I enjoy the band. I don't know, I like 'em.

Speaking of industrial... I'll be posting an ep by Def Master soon. Crazy Japanese industrial-type stuff... you're gonna hate it! (

boba said...

wow ! was looking for Spine Wrench stuff, finally found. Hope their soon to be released compilation would not be late, it was said out in 2009, but still did not.

Batguano said...

So there is a discography in the works? It's about time. Did you see the other SW posts on here? There's more stuff and better quality rips on those.


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