Sunday, March 30, 2008

More 7" Comps That Don't Suck Vol.6: "In The Spirit of Total Resistance"

All right, this one's a double 7", but why split hairs!? "In the Spirit of Total Resistance: A Benefit for the Mohawk Nation of Kanesatake" (Profane Existence, 1992) is one of my all time favorites. This masterpiece has everything a good comp needs: variety, a combination of known and unknown bands, an honorable purpose, incredible information/packaging (64 page book!), and of course, some ass-kicking music. All the bands featured have their own unique sound (except perhaps Crudos and Huasipungo... but who's complaining?!), so if you've never heard this one, you're in for a fun musical adventure. To this day, I still think MITB's track, "Homo Afflictus," is my favorite song of theirs, and Crudos' "Quinientos Años" might be my favorite of their early tracks as well. Crudos' work is easy to find, but it's still nice to hear this song within the context of this comp's theme (500 years of indigenous resistance, etc.) I wish I had the time to scan the entire book(let)... maybe one day soon.
Track List:
1. Jonestown - "The Gnawing Flood of the Wasichu"
2. Los Crudos - "Quinientos Años"
3. Huasipungo - "Estúpida Ambición"
4. Charred Remains a.k.a. Man is the Bastard - "Homo Afflictus"
5. Pollution Circus - "The Angry Brigade"
6. One By One - "Self Determination for the Fucked Over of the World (Common Ground)"
7. Dogfight - "Texas Two Step"


javier said...

woa... this is such a great compilation. very inspiring. by the time i listened to this i was only familiar with los crudos... a couple of weeks later i was ordering jonestown's all day sucker cd and it also started my love for man is the bastard... basically every song here kicks ass in its unique musical style, plus all share a strong social message. anybody seen anything by pollution circus or one by one on the internet???

Batguano said...

Man, I completely share your love for this record. I've been trying to track down One by One's stuff for years. Apparently they recorded a lot, but released very little. The members (now members of Jinn) keep promising a discography CD, so let's hope that pans out!

javier said...

my fingers are crossed...