Saturday, March 22, 2008

More 7" Comps That Don't Suck Vol.5: "Disoppress"

To satisfy your Saturday afternoon noise hunger, here's another out-of-control, non-sucky comp. "Disoppress" was released around 1997 on Disoppress records, a label I am not familiar with. There are some good unknown bands on this one (for me at least) and a couple of long-time heroes (see back cover). The styles are all either straight forward political hardcore, or total ear-assaulting grind/noise. The one exception, and a real highlight on the record, is Depressor, who play metallic industrial crust. Depressor now plays with a drummer, and their releases (if you can find them) are definitely ones to look out for. First, the disclaimer: the production isn't great and my copy's a little warped... sorry about the (extra) noise. Second, the actual noise... Download


Icky said...

I know a few of the Depressor dudes, although i haven't seen any of them around town in a while now.
I do have that sick-ass Book of the Dead leather-bound dbl 7" thing. I'll have to rip that or something.

Batguano said...

The layout on that thing is ridiculous (in a good way)! A couple of weeks ago, I thought I had found a distro with one in stock... turned out to be just a tease. So, yeah, if you end up ripping it, there's at least one person right here who'll appreciate it!