Monday, March 31, 2008

"Kamikaze Attacked Amerika/Yankee Bombed Hiroshima, Nagasaki" CD Comp.

Commenter dxb requested more CFDL, but sadly I don't have much. I do, however, have this amazing comp. CD on which they appear. Since I'm on this whole compilation kick, it seemed right to post it. As the title suggests, this CD contains almost 50/50 American and Japanese bands. When Sound Pollution and MCR let this thing out of the pen in 1996, it found a cozy place in my CD player for upwards of 15 or so months straight! I can't express what a great listen this one is, and to entice the skeptics, I'll supply a band list below (note: several bands contribute two tracks) with special annotation when (I feel it's) needed.

Bands (Japan)
Insane Youth - Heavy-handed hardcore- Japan meets NYC
Anti Authorize - D-beat Cookie Monster-Core!
Senseless Apocalypse - noise/grind at its finest... their 2 best tracks!
Disclose - Hey, it's Disclose!
Balzac - Japan's unabashed punk "Misfits"
Addiction - simple and catchy- 80's style
Violent Pain - appropriately named
Bleed for Freedom - Rocked-out anthemic punk!

Bands (America)
- Pre-.NEMA Tolkien grind. 3 Tracks from their split LP with Jihad
Final Warning - D-beat boot-stomp featuring the original singer from Nausea!
- Dirt influenced peace-punk-hardcore with squealy female vocalist
Monster X
- The first and only straight-edge grind band (!?!?)
Quadiliacha - Melodic, political punk/hardcore (Great for those who like Strike Anywhere but are ashamed to admit it)
Masskontroll - Portland's answer to Sweden

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7inchcrust said...

thanks for this great comp.
i visit in almost daily basis Fugitive Equilibrium and each record you post is an excellent choice. well done! :)

Papst Benedikt XVI said...

I agree!

Batguano said...

Wow! Coming from you two, that's a HUUUUGE Compliment. You guys are the best (seriously, your blogs are easily 2 of the best sources out there for info, music, and just plain good reading)! Thanks for everything...

Papst Benedikt XVI said...

nope! I´m a shitty kid with a shitty blog! read it in www so it must be true! hehehe

dXb said...

Thanks for everything.
Check my space please:
Greetings from Córdoba, Argentina.



P.D.: Do you speak Spanish?.

Batguano said...

No problem, Pablo. Thanks for letting me know about Esperanza.

PS: Hablo poquito Español, pero entiendo mucho!

Anonymous said...

Did bleed for freedom ever release anything else besides the cover on this comp?

Batguano said...

Hey, sorry for the delay. As far as I can tell, this is it! What a shame.