Sunday, November 9, 2008

Hard To Swallow Manfat

Here's some more Hard To Swallow hardcore, this time partnering up with Manfat. HTS's Sabbath/sludge influence is a little more upfront this time, but ultimately it's still fast and excellent hardcore! It's no surprise that HTS members have/had connections to Iron Monkey, Voorhees, and Electric Wizard. As for their split-mates, Manfat play really tight metallic, DC influenced hardcore/post-hardcore. Bri (Doom) handles the "lungs" on these two rock assaults, but don't expect traditional crust. The guitar picking is outstanding; the energy is unstoppable! If you haven't already, don't forget to pick up Manfat's first 7" at 7 inch crust.

Get the split HERE.

Up Next: some more nineties UK sweetness!

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7inchcrust said...

long long time has passed since Whispy told me he was going rip this and post it, what a busy (lazy) scum..
so thanks for this :)