Monday, November 3, 2008

Pushing The Shred Meter To Eleven

The reasons why you should want to download this Terminal Youth 12": 1) You like fast as hell hardcore. 2) You like your fast as hell hardcore played tight as fuck. 3) Bands like Shank, Tear It Up, Under Pressure, Infest, Hellnation, The Neighbors, Capitalist Casualties and Voorhees stiffen certain parts of your anatomy.

The reasons why you might not download this 12": You've never heard of Terminal Youth. 2) Their name strikes you as kind of generic.

You decide. But I have to say, if there was a measuring device for pure shredness, this twelver would register pretty friggin' high.

Get it HERE (320 kbps... I think only around 500 were pressed by To Live A Lie, De Rok, and Give Praise Records).


Zmaj said...

"Right up my alley", and all that!

Papst Benedikt XVI said...

stiffen certain parts of your anatomy... hahahaha

Anonymous said...

Heard one song on myspace - I'm sold! Thanks dude

Robi_Wan said...

Your record player is running noncircular man!!!!
Thx anyway!

Batguano said...

I thought something was wrong on this one. I'll try to re-up, provided my turntable stops being a bastard. Do you detect anything on other posts?

Robi_Wan said...

Not yet dude ;-)