Sunday, November 23, 2008

The Politics Of Dining

Here's another compilation that you probably won't download. There are some nice treats on this "You, Who Are Innocent..." 7", which was a benefit for Vegan Outreach and Farm Sanctuary. You got some metalcore (Upset, Morning Again), d-beat crust (Detestation), grind (Tho Ko Losi), and "powerviolence" (Capitalist Casualties). There's a ton of topical information in the booklet as well, if you still don't know how horrid the meat industry is.

Track List:
1. Upset- "Make An End"
2. Morning Again- "Martyr"
3. Detestation- "Consumed By Your Greed"
4. Tho Ko Losi- "The Laughing Christ (Live)"
5. Capitalist Casualties- "Reborn (Live)"

Here it is


7inchcrust said...

i had this discussion with Whispy about what makes a failure or successful a post: the conclusion was this:no matter what you post, people are bored to say thanks. Do you want tons of download? 1)post something classic that everybody knows(Doom-Police bastard was far my #1 followed by some other classics, widely spread on the web)or post a hard to find old boot from a well known band (e.g. the Carcass boot, and compilations are always a let down (i like compilations sometimes more than one band record,and this one here is ok to me, yeah! another rare Detestation track).

but who cares in anyway? we are in it for the love of music and the fun of it, don't we?

Batguano said...

I agree. My opening line was a sarcastic joke to myself. I post whatever I want, is requested, or odds and ends that I think visitors may like. I've always made it a point to post bands that aren't that well known but who I like a lot, and will continue to do so. If a couple of people get turned on to a band because of a post, then I'm happy. If a fan of an obscure band gets excited over a post... I'm once again happy. I don't worry about the numbers, really. It's all about the music, and the cool folks who do join the conversation.

Anonymous said...

meat is murder but comps are tasty