Saturday, November 8, 2008

Praise The Lord And Pass The Ammunition

It's time for some more under appreciated hardcore, this time from the mid-nineties UK: the Hard To Swallow/Underclass split 7" (Days Of Fury Records, 1996). Hard To Swallow fit in perfectly with much of the music on this blog. At the core, they play fastcore not unlike their contemporaries, Voorhees, but with more modern discord and some bluesy, sludgy bass riffs thrown in for poops and grins. The vocals fall more on the screamy side, but not to an annoying extent. Three suspenseful tracks that will lay you flat! If you like these guys, stop by here tomorrow and/or go to Armageddon Records (Drop Dead members) to pick up their discography CD. The screaming continues on side B with Underclass who more or less follow the Bob Tilton/Ebullition framework. There's a refreshing absence of pretentiousness, though, and for the most part they pull off nicely that chaotic, syncopated mayhem that ruled the nineties.

Check It Out!


Anonymous said...

The discography CD on Armageddon unfortunately doesn't have their stellar LP "Protected By the Ejaculation of Serpents" on it.

Batguano said...

hmm, I didn't realize that. I may have to post it soon then.