Friday, February 13, 2009

Beldurrik Gabe

As promised, here's the sixteen track LP by shadowy Basque hardcore mercenaries (or at least that's how I picture them...), Karkaba. I'll be the first to admit that I enjoy their 7" a bit more, but if you love truly visceral hardcore, and especially if you love '80's South American bands, Huasipungo, or even Crudos almighty, this is one hell of a gratifying feast!

Karkaba "Beldurrik Gabe"

Get the band's 7" here.


Anonymous said...

Refreshing Mr. Batguano. Maybe a little bit of an 80's italian hardcore thing going on as well. Anyway thanx bro.

Batguano said...

I was going to mention the Italian thing, but forgot (and I'm even on a whole Italian hardcore kick lately too). I must have been in a hurry. As usual, you're totally right! Always cool to find you comments over here!

Chairmaker said...

Must concur re: superiority of the-excellent-7", nonetheless good stuff.