Friday, February 6, 2009

Hard To Swallow: A Follow-Up

Not too long ago, I posted a bunch of ripping gems from the UK's mighty Hard To Swallow. Some of you apparently liked them too, so I thought I'd update you on some matters. Vocalist, Bloody Kev, stopped by and detailed the convoluted family tree of bands related to HTS. You can read that here. It also turns out that Kev started a blog which so far documents the bands and projects he and his mates have been involved in over the years. It's called Keep It In The Family! and you should check it out immediately! He's got links to lots of HTS material (thanks for links to my blog, man!), and will be posting live and unreleased rehearsal tracks one day in the future (in addition to lots of other music links you'll be interesting in exploring). So continue checking in over there and here for further updates...

No free music today... go to Bloody Kev's blog!



hey man isn it amazing that Bloody Kev himself commented on our blogs?fucking awesome he is a legend!I really like your blog!mind if we trade links?

btw :
do you have MY WAR - Wounds EP?

Batguano said...

Hey, how's it going! Trading links sounds good; consider it done! I've heard about your blog before but hadn't checked it out until now-- I like what you guys are doing over there!

I don't have that EP, but I'll look around for it.


great love your blog man!imagine we are the only people that have posted that shit!I was searching for years!
thx for adding
keep on the good work!