Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Gaikkodibehtet Muvrrat Vuolás

You know I'm a sucker for this stuff. Diaspora are, you guessed it, female fronted crust/peace punk/hardcore... this time from Helsinki. The "Gaikkodibehtet Muvrrat Vuolás" LP contains 16 tracks of the good stuff: it's fairly straight forward, catchy at times, and always pissed off! Think of them as a more melodic Antischism, a less melodic Harum Scarum, a less dark Ojorojo, or an even more estrogen-powered Mushroom Attack! Think of them however you like; share your thoughts if you can find the time.

"Gaikkodibehtet Muvrrat Vuolás" LP

I posted a comp with one of their tracks here too. I believe this LP is out of print, but contact BBP Records (UK), Elderberry Records (Sweden), Ruin Nation Records (Germany), Witchhunt Records (Finland), or Yellow Fever Records (UK) to see if they've got any extras.

Oh, and Some members are in a great melodic punk band called War of Words.


beastbeastbeastie said...

yay! thank you (again)!

and... check your mail in the next week or so.

Anonymous said...

Where do you find these bro? For some reason like a crusty Crass. I don't know. Thanx man

Anonymous said...

yeah, thanks for all this good shit.

Batguano said...

Jacqui- Congrats on the release of the CD! I'll be giddily checking my mailbox daily!

Justin- I don't know dude; I want to say I just luckily stumble upon cool bands, but then I realize I spend a lot of time searching the stuff I like! But, yes, these crusty bands owe a ton to Crass.

(boynamed)Stew- good to see you back here! Your always welcome, and thanks for introducing me to other great bands too!