Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Creation Is A Suicide Nation

Some pretty rad cover art, huh? I call it... "Polar Bear in Ice Storm." If you look very closely, you'll see that this is indeed the Suicide Nation/Creation Is Crucifixion split 7". Unfortunately, I don't own the original press which actually does have cover art, but at least you get the two tracks and the lyric sheet. It saddens me a little knowing that this is probably my second to last post concerning Suicide Nation. Make sure you have their first LP and their split 7" with Yaphet Kotto (which are excellent!), and check back here in the next couple of days for one last piece to the puzzle. And, if SN's beautifully titled track, "The Covenant Of Shit," wasn't enough, we also have here the debut on this blog of noise/tech-grind/metalcore activists, Creation Is Crucifixion. Their track is pretty brutal and hair-raising; it's just too bad the production is so darn shitty!



I own this 7 inch and it rips my balls everytime I listen to it!

Batguano said...

Pretty much everything by these bands does that to me!

Morgan said...

Awesome! This was the only record I ever bought twice, forgetting I owned it. At least I ended up with both the first and second presses!