Monday, February 16, 2009

This Post Will Self-Destruct...

... in 24 hours! While I don't generally post records that are in print, this post is a gift to all the regular readers of this blog, especially Sean from NY who owns this split, but has no means of playing it. By now you might know Mass Grave (from Canada) who play brutal, high-energy grindcore that will satisfy fans of ENT or Disrupt any day of the week. They have other releases available that you should see about getting, too. Stormcrow should already be in your lexicon as well, but just in case, they are one of the best stench/crust-core bands going today. A couple of the tracks on this split have some gradual build ups, but eventually deliver the jugular attack this band excels at. You should still be able to find their full length, "Enslaved In Darkness," their split CD with Sanctum, and their split 7" with Skaven around in several places.

The Mass Grave/Stormcrow split was released by Agipunk and Mangled Ankle Records, but can be found in the states here, here, and possibly over there. It comes in a great gatefold sleeve, and if you have 12 or so extra bucks, it's more than worth adding to your collection!

Link has been removed. Enjoy these teasers:

Mass Grave- "Unconsciously Mundane"

Stormcrow- "Poisoned Minds"



both bands are outstanding!thx for this man you do a great job!

Anonymous said...

amazing cover art!i guess it really sets the tone for the music contained within.