Monday, August 4, 2008

Scrotum Grinder

Half the population will cringe at Scrotum Grinder's name, but once you're over that, I think you'll find the experience rather pleasing. SG is yet another southern band that plays to the colder, darker side of the human experience, conjuring the atmosphere of Karst and Damad, but approaching it by way of the aggressive, discordant route of Initial State, Chronicle A/D, Anti-Product, etc. The tempos on this debut 7" (Burrito Records, 1997) are unpredictable, which I love, and the vocals are some more of that harsh female fire like that of the above bands, or Ojorojo. This is a quick little record, but it packs some serious heat! Some trivia: The bass player, Steve Kosiba was in In/Humanity and played bass in Assück for about five years. Scrotum Grinder also released a split 7" with Combatwoundedveteran and an LP/CD on Prank Records (the latter of which is fairly easy to find).

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Get SG's "Geld" EP here


Anonymous said...

Hey, I've snagged a couple things off here over the past couple weeks. All really great, and some I'd never even heard of.

Like you, I get totally amped on crust/metal/punk with raw-throated female vox, so I'm especially appreciating that sorta stuff. Scrotum Grinder rules (especially the LP). Did you ever hear Michelle's later band Memento Mori from Columbus? It had members of The Awakening and some others in it. Real good stuff.

Anyway, thought I'd mention some bands in this genre with female vocals that are a little under the radar: Ebola (UK), dotfuckingcom, Turn Around Norman, Bread And Water, Subsistencia, Look Back And Laugh, Armistice (UK), Juggling Jugulars, Makiladoras (NE), Health Hazard, Choke Their Rivers With Our Dead, Hiretsukan, Ballast, No Rest (BR), Contropotere (IT), Question, Coleman, Fisticuffs Bluff, Lesser Of Two, and this band called Day By Day which I think is the singer and bass player from Lost World's previous band. It's a little less heavy, but more diverse sounding. Apologies if you've already heard of most of these, but since I know I love to find new bands like this, figured I'd do what I can to spread the word.

Batguano said...

Hey, no apologies allowed, Stew! Thanks for the tips. I haven't heard about a quarter of these bands, so I have some fun homework to do. I believe I have a Memento Mori split ep that I've been neglecting...

I also think I've heard of Subsistencia... do happen to know where they're from or the names of some of their releases? Maybe I can finally check them out...

Day by Day... I wonder if that's a reference to the Life... But How To Live It? LP of the same name(?).

Thanks again. I love finding new favorite bands!

Anonymous said...

Well, the name of the Subsistencia CD i have is "Nuestra Tierra Anahuac". I think they might be from Los Angeles or thereabouts. And i have no idea if Day By Day is a reference to LBHTLI? but it wouldn't surprise me at all. Definitely a similar sound (although Day By Day is a little rougher and harder, maybe halfway between LBHTLI? and Lost World). Thanks again for all the sweet music.