Saturday, August 16, 2008

"Urge For Going" (To The Beach)

The weather right now is too nice to remain sequestered in my cave-like room blogging, so I'll make this short. DPPS is a crazed Japanese band that plays fast hardcore/grind. You may remember them from their split with Nailed Down. On this "Urge for Going" 7" (NAT Records, 1997) they aren't as fast, but they are much noisier (the production is fairly terrible...). One thing's for sure, some of the most vicious dual vocal assaults can be found on this little six-banger. For fans of Dropdead, Disclose, etc...

(PS: Whether the song title "Illtelligence" is a mistake or not, it's brilliant!)

Get some "Mental Pollusion" (sic) HERE


7inchcrust said...

on back cover:
warning:chocking hazard.heavy tuning,not for children under 3 years!
hahahhaha.the best description they could put on the cover! :)
i missed their split w Nailed Down,gonna get it now

Anonymous said...

Wonderful. Cheers!

Mars said...

Thank you! I love it noisy!