Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Living In (pause) Suburban Wasteland...

When I first heard the "Flex Your Head" Comp, I was instantly on a mission to find more Void and Artificial Peace stuff. At the time, the Void/Faith split was an easy find. Artificial Peace was a different situation. I was lucky enough to stumble a few years later upon this disc put out by Lost & Found "Records." As you can easily see, it collects every studio recording by Artificial Peace, as well as the entire "Double Image" LP by Marginal Man (the (punk) rock band members would form later). So the math works out like this: 11 tracks by Marginal Man; 37 (!) tracks by Artificial Peace; 48 tracks total; 100 MBs. AP really didn't write much material, so many of the tracks are repeats. It's still great to hear them all, as Artificial Peace are one of my favorite early DC hardcore bands, and Marginal Man is pretty catchy too. Incidentally, if you like Marginal Man, they have just reissued a newly remastered version of "Double Image" with a huge booklet and live videos. They are selling it for super cheap right now, so go here for more info.

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