Thursday, August 7, 2008


The longevity and integrity of Japanese bands is truly to be marveled at. Bands of the past are rising again, left and right, often just as good or better than their previous incarnations. Crow is one of the best examples, and I think we can agree that anything they put their name on is worth having or at least downloading. The offering for today is a tour 7" put out by Prank in 2005. I believe only 500 of these were released. The material can be either looked upon as two tracks using very similar themes (musically and lyrically), or perhaps one continuous track in two parts. Side A starts the repetitive hypnotic riffing at an upbeat (punk) tempo, overlaid with unstructured lead guitar meanderings and repetitive, echoed vocals (by the way, I friggin' love the new Crow vocals!). Side AA (B) continues this format, but at a more frantic, paranoid, galloping pace. Although not the most dynamic songwriting, this disc is an interesting exercise, and worth a listen. (Note: Not surprisingly, members of Crow are in a weird Psyche band called Death Comes Along).

Destroy the Miserable Dominant HERE

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