Saturday, August 30, 2008

Jesus Hates Out Cold

I've already sung my praises for the integrity of Massachutsetts hardcore mainstays, Out Cold, so I'll make this brief. In their 20 years, these guys have been consistent as heck in releasing record after badass record of old school, Negative Approach/Negative FX-influenced hardcore with very little recognition (considering the quality and quantity). Every time I let myself "absorb" one of their releases, it becomes my favorite; this time it's "Warped Sense Of Right And Wrong" (Kangaroo Records, 1997. I think it's out of print, but you may find a straggler here). It has great riffs, tight playing, varied and angry vocal ejaculations, and even decent production. The only thing not awesome about this record is the cover design (but maybe you already noticed that). As a bonus, we get to hear vocalist, Sheehan, yell "retard" repeatedly in his "Masshole" accent! I'm not usually one to pass judgment on people, but if you can't respect Out Cold, you may very well be a poser.



Pogel said...

Yes this band does rise above the bog of eternal stench. Get anything and everything you can by Out Cold.

Icky said...

Glad to hear more from these guys - THANKS.

chrisapproach said...

"permanent twilight world" is my favorite.